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October 26th & 27th 2020

Online webinar, Beijin

Education training

BioSwing Dynamics™ is a revolutionary approach to learning and coaching golf.

Mike Adams and E.A. Tischler, co-founders of the approach, combined their experience, efforts and expertise along with research from other leading scientists, biomechanists and fitness experts to offer one of the best approaches for helping golfers achieve their potential.


Mike Adams

Known as the "Teacher of Teachers" & "Swing Dr" | Rank #2 Top 50 Teacher Golf Digest | Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor | 2016 PGA National Teacher of the Year | World Golf Hall of Fame Member

Grégory Lebrat

French & Swiss PGA Member | Ground Reaction Force Golf Coach | Certified TPI Junior Level 3 & Mechanic Level 3 | Certified Trackman Level 2 | Swiss Olympic Junior Golf Teacher | Bioswing Dynamics Certified

Jean-Paul Fernandez

Engineer in Science of Human Movement | Biomechanics / Physiology & Neuroscience 10 Years Experience | Former top athlete Track and Field | Bioswing Dynamics Certified

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