About Mike Adams

2016 PGA Teacher of the Year | World Golf Teacher Hall of Fame Member | Rank 2 Best Teacher by Golf Digest | GOLF Magazine Top 100 Instructor | Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher

BioSwing Dynamics™ is a revolutionary approach to learning and coaching golf.

Mike Adams and E.A. Tischler, co-founders of the approach, combined their experience, efforts and expertise along with research from other leading scientists, biomechanists and fitness experts to offer one of the best approaches for helping golfers achieve their potential.

Mike has written and co-written 18 golf instruction books, including two GOLF Magazine instruction Books of the year : “Play better golf” and “The laws of the golf swing”.

In addition, Mike organized and helped editing “The Best Putting Instruction Book Ever !” and recently completed “The Best Driving Instruction Book Ever !”. He is the creator of the LAWs of Golf, a philosophy to help golfers of all levels in finding a swing that is customized to their physical build.

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